Mike Minor Risk Manager

Mike Minor believes that the best plans are made based on information and reason, not on emotion. Developing a marketing plan is no different. Professional Ag Marketing will help target revenue, calculate break-even costs and determine coverage, creating comprehensive marketing plans for their clients.

I bring a producer’s insight to grain operations and truly enjoy sharing in our client’s success.


Professional Summary

A Little About Me

Expertise: I’ve worked on the farm my whole life. It’s interesting how my love for farming and my ag business education build on each other to provide a fresh perspective for our clients.


  • 7 years Professional Ag Marketing
  • Managing partner of row crop enterprise in South Dakota
  • Years of experience on the family farm

Education: Ag Business Degree, South Dakota State University

Hometown: Rutland, South Dakota. Currently lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Family: Wife Liz, son Maverick, Daughter Eleanor

Hobbies: I enjoy investing, hunting, farming and spending time with friends and family on the lake.