Luke Wells Risk Manager

Risk manager Luke Wells’ primary goal is to improve his client’s profitability. With a diverse background in the pork supply chain, an ag-focused education and a history of building and managing successful growing businesses, Luke helps clients develop creative and dynamic strategies to achieve positive results.

As a producer, he recognizes the importance of a resource who understands his operation and one he can trust. With an applied perspective from his own personal investment in agriculture, Luke works with clients developing risk management plans that maximize opportunity and minimize uncertainty. By ensuring that the business is productive and profitable today, he helps ensure its success in the future.

Professional Summary

A Little About Me

Expertise: My diverse background and ownership in the pork supply chain, as well as 22 years of ag industry experience – truly illustrates my passion for agriculture.


  • 5 years Professional Ag Marketing
  • 12 years with Cargill, as a pork nutrition consultant, National Sales Manager, Strategic Account Manager and member of US Pork Enterprise Senior Leadership Team
  • 5 Years with NutriQuest, as Director of Sales, Member of Senior Leadership and a Managing Partner
  • 14 years as Managing Partner of a pork production enterprise

Education: B.S. in Animal Science, Iowa State University

Hometown: Guthrie Center, Iowa. I currently live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Family: Wife Emily, children Brady and McKinley

Hobbies: Spending time with my family is a priority, and we are lucky that we can have that quality time as a family in the industry. We love to travel, hunt, fish, and spend time at the lodge.