Torrington Livestock Auction Wtd Avg (Seasonal - Mon)
Torrington, WY    Mon Feb 18, 2019    USDA- WY Dept of Ag Market News

Torrington Livestock Commission Co. Special Bred Cow Sale
Monday, Feb 18, 2019.

Receipts: 974      Two Weeks Ago: 1199       Year Ago: 1389 
   Compared to two weeks ago: Slaughter Cows not tested. A nice run of bred cows 
with all classes selling unevenly steady with instances slightly higher on some 
reputation bred heifers and aged cows. Bred cows & heifers accounted for 
approximately 95 percent of the run with balance slaughter & feeder cows.
  Bred Cows: Medium-Large 1: (Tested for Age, Pregnancy and Bangs 
Per Head Basis: Medium and Large 1; Mostly all 2nd and 3rd trimester:

Heifers                         919-1283 lb           1350.00-1775.00
Young                           1044-1269 lb          1400.00-1650.00  
Middle Aged Solid Mouth         1100-1481 lb          1310.00-1635.00 
Aged Short Solid                1260-1543 lb           975.00-1080.00   
Aged Short Term                 1120-1491 lb           850.00-1060.00
Source:  USDA- WY Dept of Ag Market News Service, Torrington, WY
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